More Looks I’ve styled

A few weeks ago I shared some of the school work that has been keeping me busy. This post is an addition to that one.


Last weekend I had another shoot for my styling class and here are the looks I put together.

For both looks I used my friend Emily B and John Hieber did the photography again.

All of the clothes were mine, minus the black jeans (Emily’s)

Outfit 1

  • Leather Vest   Muubaa
  • Shoes               Jeffrey Campbell
  • Jeans                Lovesick
  • Rings               Vivienne Westwood, Assorted
  • Bracelet           Assorted


Outfit 2:

  • Kaftan Dress   Kuccoon
  • Base Tank       Forever21
  • Base Skirt        H&M
  • Shoes               Sam Edelman
  • Necklace         House of Harlow
  • Rings               assorted

The quarter is quickly coming to and end (YAY), hopefully all my hard work will earn me a good grade.

The Long Tall Sally Seattle Pop-Up Recap

As I posted earlier this week Long Tall Sally & Barefoot Tess stopped by my fair city this weekend to share their awesome fall wardrobe with us.


I got to the sale around 9:30 and there was already a line of women waiting to use the dressing room.

I’ve never felt so short before! I’m 5’11″ and there were plenty of women over 6’1″. I was shocked.

photo 1 (2)


I browsed around but didn’t buy anything. I feel the clothing proportions at LTS are a little off for my body type. I’m really like 2/3 legs, 1/3 torso, lol.  So I need a long inseam on pants and long arms on tops, but not a long waist area on both. Confusing, I know!

But I feel that with things like jeans/pants at LTS, they have LONG inseams and also long waist areas. I just look like I’m swimming in the clothing.

photo 4


Their shoe section was a little limited, but it’s not like they can ship the whole store with them ;)  I was interested in a pair of leather-looking sneakers. We’ll see if the shoe fairy delivers anything fun soon.

photo 2 (2)


I talked with a few gals working the sale. It was great chat and get a sense for the “tall” market in Seattle.


I tried passing out a few flyers for my charity event too. Hopefully it worked ;)

Coming to a city new you: Long Tall Sally / Barefoot Tess Pop-Up Shops

oh man, oh man! This weekend is going to be fun.

I recently got an email (if you’re part of the Long Tall Sally (LTS) newsletter) that they were setting up  pop-up shop in Seattle the weekend of Sept 13th! You know I’m gonna be there. Tall girls represent!

LTS image

They’ve been posting the locations/event info for their other upcoming pop-up shops in the weeks to come. Go like their FaceBook page to see if they’ll be in your city soon!

I’ll be sure to take pics when I’m at the Seattle event so you can get an idea of what to expect when they visit your city.


Events like this are awesome because it gives a company a taste for what their target market is like in a particular area. Then they can better decide if they need to set up a permanent shop. WHICH HELPS US ALL! I mean I love online shopping, but there are some things like jeans or shoes that I’d much rather try on before I buy. AND there’s the sense of instant gratification ;)


Post a comment if you end up going to one of their pop-up shops. I’d love to hear about your experience!

Ivanka Trump – Maxy

Score anything good during all the Labor Day sales?

Most of the stores I wanted to buy from weren’t offering discounts, BUT Nordstrom Rack online had finally lowered the price on the Ivanka Trump Maxy sandals I’ve had on my wishlist. I got them for $38, but they’re up to $50 right now.

maxy sandal


















I originally saw these in tan, in an 11, in the store and tried them on for fun. They fit! I liked the strappy detail. It was super girly but they remind me of those gothy body harnesses (but for your feet ;)  )

I started stalking the black pair on the Rack’s site and Sak’s Off 5th.

Picture 374 Picture 376

The Maxy fits atleast a half size big. And they’re fairly narrow. My toes are just at the ends of the footbed, but they don’t pinch.

Picture 375 Picture 377

However, there was ONE tiny snafu with these. Upon inspecting the left shoe I noticed a tear in the leather of one of the straps :(
I called The Rack’s customer service right away and they helped me out. My size and color were /are still available, so I reordered them and CS refunded my shipping on both orders, price matched my original order, gave me $10 store credit to apply to the NEW order, and I returned the torn pair in store today. Their CS is amazing.

Picture 380

These are still available in black and tan in 11s at the Rack and on Sak’s Off 5th.

What have I been up to?

Oh my gosh guys! I’m exhausted and I still have 3 weeks of this quarter left to go.


If you’re wondering why I’ve been so quiet on the blog allow me to share some of my summer quarter shenanigans.


I’m taking a fashion styling class and the final project requires us to style 5 looks with a photo shoot and short video. I was able to get my friend Emily to model for me and friend John to photograph the looks. Of course the theme I picked is gothy ;)

Here are two of the looks we’ve shot so far. I have another shoot this weekend and a final shoot in the next week or so.

IMG-93 IMG-73

  • Black Tank      Miilla
  • Vest                 Jarbo
  • Leggings         Xhilaration
  • Backpack        Anemone Bags
  • Boots               Jeffrey Campbell
  • Necklace         Vince Camuto
  • Ring                Jessica Simpson
  • Bracelet           Matisse
  • Model & MUAH            Emily Bortvedt
  • Photography    John Heiber

IMG-173 IMG-562


  • White shirt      Forever21
  • Jacket              Gadzooks Vintage
  • Skirt                H&M
  • Shoes               Tory Burch
  • Rings               Assorted
  • Clutch             Religion
  • Model & MUAH            Emily Bortvedt
  • Photography    John Heiber

I picked Em because we’re the same dress size and about the same shoe size. She’s an 11.5 wide. So I knew we could combine closets and shoe collections. But it ended up being mostly my clothes/shoes, lol.


I’m also working on my senior project (which isn’t technically due to til February).

It’s a community sale for women’s shoes in larger sizes (10+).  It’s called Beautiful Soles. I had to bump the date up to October based on some feedback I received from some event mentors, so  now I have to do way more work in a short amount of time.

BS flyer













So these are a few of the many things eating all of my available waking hours until the end of September and further into October.