ASOS Head Strong Sandal

Update 8/12/14

The sandals have arrived! However…. we have some issues.

The markings on the shoe and box say that they’re a UK 9… That doesn’t equal a 12. It’s more like an 11.5. The insoles measures 10 6/8″, so my right foot’s big toe hangs over the edge like 1/4″. It’s not crazy noticeable or uncomfortable, so I’m keeping them.

Picture 348 Picture 350

But look how shiny they are!! They’re relatively comfy. The platform to heel ratio is pretty close.

Picture 349 Picture 351

There isn’t much grip on the bottoms, but they didn’t feel slick while walking around the house.

Picture 352Picture 354


You can see how my right foot is peaking over the edge. But I’m going to believe that if I’m walking, no one will know ;)

SO! If you’re an 11 or 11.5, order the 12s. If you’re in between sizes, order up.

I’m sad that I can’t order the red version. It’s just not worth another pair if they don’t fit perfectly.



I forgot that ASOS occasionally carried larger sizes in their shoe department.
I got super lucky while browsing tonight and found out that they have an amazing 90s styled sandal in a size 12!

asos headstrong
The Head Strong Heeled Sandal is available in 3 colors up to a size 12 (they use to have yellow, but it’s sold out).


I just bought the iridescent color in the  middle. (I also want the berry color)

They SCREAM Deee-Light to me! (currently dancing in my seat to this jam)

How damn cute would these be with some colored tights or socks underneath?! You know I’m right ;)


I’m praying that they fit great. I’ve had some so-so luck with ordering from ASOS in the past. But these specifically say a size 12, so let’s all hope they fit. AND they’re also open back + open toe. So there has to be some wiggle room.

I’ll update once they arrive.


But I wanted to share the news so that you all can grab them while they’re still around.


There is a code “BANK 15″ that gets you $14.99 off of a $100 order. so they’re really $91-ish. And they do free shipping.

Kenneth Cole – Tabb Gladiator sandals

Today was a great day for Nordstrom Rack shopping.

Months ago I had tried on the Kenneth Cole Grand sandal. They fit, they were cute, but they weren’t a MUST have.


I think they’re around $55 at the rack. But you can grab them at amazon in a 10 and 11 for $66 (click that image).

They also come in an orange lizard color through the KC website.


These fit a half to a full size big. The insole measures 11″ long. I think the open front and back allow for some wiggle room and it doesn’t look like I’m sliding over any edges.


Fast forward to today, I’m browsing the racks and I see what looks like the Grand sandal BUT it has matte studs on it! Yipee!

ck tabb white ck tabb black

The Tabb fits exactly the same as Grand.  They remind me of a great knock off of the Valentino Rock Stud collection.

Picture 329 Picture 332


After walking around the house in these I realized that there is a possible rub spot right over my pinky toe.

Picture 330 Picture 331


Right now I was only able to find them online at a few place:

Sak’s off 5th Ave has them in black and white, but only to a 10 for $105.

Bloomingdales has them in white, but only to a 10 for $142.

Belk has them in white up to an 11 for $114.


Picture 334 Picture 336

The Beautiful Soles Event

Hey everyone! I have a crazy big favor to ask.

As I’m nearing the completion of my degree I have to finish a big senior project. Naturally I’ve made my project center around large sized shoes!


My event, Beautiful Soles, is a non-profit community based shoe sale that will benefit the YWCA’s Dress for Success organization.
People can sell their new or gently worn shoes (sizes 10+) at the sale and I will be reaching out to local stores for donations to sell at the event. All of the proceeds and remaining shoes will be donated to the YWCA.


But I need a bit of help to get going.
Please check out my crowd funding page if you want to help. Even sharing the funding link around would help greatly.

Thanks for your support!


Beautiful Soles


Vince Camuto – Envell Sandal

Here’s another Nordstrom Rack gem that I couldn’t be with out.


The Vince Camuto Envell Sandal

camuto envell



















Again, kinda tame, but kinda not. The straps are what sold me.

Picture 298 Picture 300


These are 11s and I’d say they fit a half size big. The insole almost measures 11″. I don’t think I’m hanging over the ends, or atleast it doesn’t look like it. Right?

Picture 299 Picture 297


Another great pair I can dress up or down.


Bad news is that I can’t find these anywhere else online. They’re sold out on the Rack’s website :(

HOWEVER! There is a look a like on Nordstrom’s main site, called the Effel. It looks a bit like a Huarache sandal. AND it’s available in 3 colors (black, tan, and red) in 11s and 12s.

camuto effel


More of my shoes on eBay

Keep a watch on my ebay seller profile for the next few days. I’ve decided it’s time to thin the heard once again.


I’ve just listed my JC Back Offs and Watchman boots.

I’ve priced the Back  Offs based on rarity of size even though they’ve been worn. And I’m kinda sad that I’m selling them. Like, if they don’t sell it’ll be ok. I’ll just keep wearing them. But I’m sure they’ll find a happy home for the right bidder.


While I love the Bowie-ness of the Watchman I just never wear them! darn it! They’re still so awesome.


Like I said, keep an eye on my ebay page. I’ll be listing more pairs as the days go by.