ZomBDazzled – Grand Opening

I wanted to share a new project I’ve started. It’s partly for school and partly something I’ve been thinking of doing for a while.


I’ve always been crafty. Knitting, cross stitch, beading, etc. Anything to keep myself busy. So I started an Etsy store making custom phone cases, ZomBDazzled!  You can also follow the FaceBook page for updates on new cabochons that arrive and designs that I have ready to ship.

ZomBDazzled 8inch logo

I was inspired by the cute Kawaii decoden cases that looked like whipped cream and desserts. But I wanted to put a spooky twist on them.

I’ve got all kinds of ghoulish and witchy gems to decorate cases with.

A friend of mine already commissioned a custom case for her Motorola MotoGenX:
pizza slut

These are available to buy:




So, please check out the Etsy store, I’d  really appreciate it! Hopefully I can hook you up with an awesome design :D

Zigi Soho – Sunelle Sandal

I hesitate to share my latest shoe find with you guys because I haven’t bought these yet and I’m worried you’ll snatch them all up! But I’ll be nice and let you in on a secret… this time ;)


I was cruising through my local DSW and couldn’t not try these babies on.

The Zigi Soho Sunelle sandal. All those sparkles caught my eye and they needed to be on my feet.

sunelle 1 sunelle 2

The largest size they had was an 11 but they fit me fine! Since they’re open back and open-toed there is a little wiggle room, but my toes and heels weren’t over the edge at all.

I tried on the silver pair and fell in love. But WHERE AM I GOING TO WEAR THEM TO? A ball?! Prom? I just couldn’t justify getting them right at that moment :(sunelle 3

sunelle 4

DSW.com has this style available in silver and a floral pattern, and both still have size 11s available.  Save me a pair in silver!!


Sam Edelman – Essex

Have you checked out Nordstrom’s big clearance sale going on right now? Ya better go look!


I got a late Valentine’s gift this week in the form of the Sam Edelman Essex sandals. They’ve been on my wishlist for a while because the largest size they had was an 11 and I just wanted to keep an eye on them in case a review came through that said they ran big. But it never happened. Then they got sent to me on a whim and totally fit!

edelman essex


The insoles measure 11″ and my toes don’t peak over the edge when I’m standing or walking.

The laces are suede so they don’t stretch, but they’re fully adjustable, and there is a zipper in the back so once you get them adjusted to your liking, you don’t  need to tie them again and again.

WIN_20150217_182154 WIN_20150217_182223


I didn’t notice it in the product pic but there are cute spiked, gunmetal aglets (lace tips) on the ends of the laces. I love little details like that.

WIN_20150217_182204 WIN_20150217_182129


I’ve been wearing them around the house for the moment and I don’t feel any pinching or rubbing spots that could hurt me.

I can’t wait to wear these out.

As of this moment, I still see  pair of black in an 11! And they’re just under $90.


Size Matters Turns 3

Whoa….how can it be January already?!

what year is it

I feel like there’s a significance to this…. *counts on fingers*

THAT’S RIGHT! I’ve been writing this blog for 3 whole years!


I wanted to say thank you to all my followers /readers / stalkers (j/k right…?) out there that have be with me all this time. It means a lot that I can help you all find awesome shoes and that you emotionally support my crazy shoe buying habits.


Should I do like a video post after this one? Should I do one of those Ask Me Anything type of deals? If you click on the title of this blog post, it should bring up a comments box at the bottom and you can leave a question for me to answer. I can collect them and pick my favs. Though I’m not promising anything amazing. I don’t think I even have video editing software on my rebuild laptop, EEK! But I can do my best!


Anywho, here’s to another year of awesome shoes and awesome followers.


Introducing Smash Shoes

I’m a few weeks late to the game, but now’s better than never.

Have you guys heard of Smash Shoes? They’re a new shoe retailer that specializes in larger sizes only! *waits for the roar of the crowd to die down*

smash shoes logo

They currently have 6 styles to chose from and all styles come in atleast 2 different colors. And they all are available in sizes 10 –  13.


I’m currently drooling over the Rollie 

smash shoes rollie


and the Mercedes.

smash shoes mercedes


AND… AND… wait for it… The prices aren’t crazy either! All styles currently available are between $80 – $100.

Make sure to follow them on FaceBook and Instagram. They’ve been offering great discount codes to the help get the word out on their initial release (we’re talking like 40 – 50% off)


I haven’t gotten to try any of their styles yet :( So I can’t speak to the fit of them (HINT HINT SMASH SHOES ;) )
but let me know if you do and how they work out!