Smash Shoes – Factory Sale Review

I’m kind of sad to write this post. I had high hopes for Smash Shoes, but after my order arrived I lost my confidence in their quality.
I got the Rollie and the Roxy and both aren’t so great.


Let me break it down…

Smash Shoes – Rollie (black)

smash shoes rollie


The Rollie runs a half size small. The peep toe area is cut a little too small and pinches the toes on my left foot. However, it should be noted that the shoes I got were part of the Factory Sale which stated that some of their shoes had factory defects. So maybe the pair I got were slightly defected.

Regardless, I recommend ordering a size up.


WIN_20150320_144429It took like 15 mins PER SHOE to get them on and properly adjusted. You don’t need to unlace them but you do need to fiddle with the laces A LOT while they’re on your foot and zipped up to get them wearable.

WIN_20150320_144409 WIN_20150320_144438

They also run a wee bit narrow.  They’re comfortable to walk in, but I just don’t feel like they’re flattering on my foot :/


This style isn’t available at the Factory Sale price, but they still have some in the regular price range ($99). I’d be curious to see if you paid more for for the “good” versions if they would fit better. At least you could return those if you didn’t like them. *shrugs*.
I can’t return mine. I may need to eBay them.

These also come in Leopard print and ARE a part of the Factory Sale


Smash Shoes – Roxy

smash shoes roxy

The Roxy fits really loosely around the ankles, and sort of small. I feel if I had gotten a 13 they would be WAY too big.

WIN_20150320_144911 WIN_20150320_144934

I know….they kinda look strippery… But these were just for funsies.

But because they’re loose around the ankle I feel like they’re hard to walk in. Like I might fall down :(

WIN_20150320_144919 WIN_20150320_144944

At least these don’t run narrow!


I haven’t decided if I’ll sell these yet.

The Roxy comes in red and blue and they only have a few pairs left in all sizes.


Hopefully I haven’t scared you away from Smash Shoes, but definitely be cautious when purchasing from them. I hope they get some new styles in soon.


Adidas – ZX Flux (Chevron Prism)


I mentioned in my ZX Flux Xeno post that I had another pair coming and this is them!

This style is called Chevron Prism
zxflux chevron


Luckily, I didn’t have to fight to get this style. I got mine from Journey’s is great because they ship for free and you can make returns at their physical locations (usually in a mall). They have plenty of sizes left in this style too.

WIN_20150313_144035 WIN_20150313_144103

Just like the Xeno’s I got a men’s 11 and these actually fit better than the Xenos. The upper material is different / more sturdy than the Xeno fabric. So the fit a little snugger. It feels like a slick nylon material.

WIN_20150313_144043 WIN_20150313_144112

They’re just as comfortable as the Xeno’s too. Sadly my camera didn’t capture just how bright they are. The product pic at the top of this post is a more accurate shot of their colorfulness :D


If you get these too, remember to order them through eBates! You can get like $4 back on your purchase.

Sam Edelman – Mare

I’m pretty late in the game to be talking about the Sam Edelman Mare bootie, but whatevs.  I just got them and I’m happy with them.
I don’t know why I waited to so long to try them. I think they looked too manly, or hipstery, or something. I was just waiting for the right moment.

edelman mare


Of course when I was ready to accept the Mare into my life they were sold out in black and in a 12 (#storyofmylife). THEN 2 pairs popped up on eBay and I watched and waited for the right moment. The seller kept changing the price of them every day! No joke, they kept raising and lowering the price and changing the shipping price. It drove me crazy.  They would never go lower than about $63 or higher than $79. Super obnoxious. I managed to snag them for $63.99 and free shipping. They have ONE pair left! The auction might end soon, but they usually relist quickly.

WIN_20150313_144331 WIN_20150313_144350


Reviews on sites like Nordstrom say that they run big, but I disagree. The 12s fit just fine and I can wear socks with them. 

WIN_20150313_144340 WIN_20150313_144401

The leather is really soft and kind of floppy, so these might be good for those with wide feet too. I feel like they’ll break in quickly.

The soles have NO grip though, so be careful.



These are great with so many outfits. I was googling pics of the Mare for outfit inspo pics and have a ton of ideas now.



I only see these available on the Sam Edelman website. They have them for $91 in black up to an 11 and in a tan (putty) color up to a 12.
Hopefully someone lucky will snatch that cheaper pair on ebay.

Retailer Spotlight –

I feel silly for not knowing this site existed until last night.


Every now and then pairs of shoes with strange brand names appear on eBay and they’re just cool enough to catch my interest which leads me to do some googling to find out more about that style. One of these brands is called Hot Tomato. I haven’t been able to find a website for their brand, but they seem to appear at strange, discount retail sites.  Which is how I stumbled upon


They have a large selection of larger sized shoes that don’t suck! They’re sizes range all the way up to a 16.

Here are my top favs that are available in 12s:

kateenia ameena

(Left) Katania Lace by Hot Tomato

(Right) Ameena by Hot Tomato


kelcee webuary





(Left) Kelcee by Hot Tomato

(Right) Webuary by Unlisted (it’s actually a sub-brand of Kenneth Cole)


All of these are under $40!  I haven’t decided if I’ll get them yet. I worry that the Webuary wedge looks kinda mom-ish, but I feel like I could make it work.


Let me know if you snag a pair

Adidas – ZX Flux (Xeno)

I think I may becoming a sneakerhead…

A few weeks ago I was introduced to the Adidas ZX Flux in a new reflective color way called Xeno, because it was inspired by the Xenopeltis Snake. They look black/matte in the daylight but as soon as you shine some light on them they light up like a disco rainbow!


Xenopeltis snake

This is the Xenopeltis snake. Cute!

This style was released on Valentine’s Day and I had no idea. As you know, loyal sneakerheads snatch up every pair available so these were all sold out on regular retail sites by the time I’d found  about them but they were all over eBay.

The only Adidas I own are the Jeremy Scott Foiled Rainbow Winged sneakers and those are a little snug, so I was unsure about what size to get in the ZX Flux style.

WIN_20150309_200611 WIN_20150309_200631

I originally planned on getting a men’s 10.5 and starting making offers on all the auctions I could find that were in my budget. I also messaged the sellers to get the insole measurements of that size but everyone was fairly inconsistent with their numbers.

I started remeasuring my other sneakers and thought that I should shoot for a men’s 11. I know that I always wear socks with sneakers and like to have a bit more room in closed toed shoes.

WIN_20150309_200619 WIN_20150309_200643

I finally found a seller that took my offer of $190 and took the plunge! The fit! They might even be a LITTLE bit big. There’s definitely some wiggle room, but I don’t think they look giant when wearing them.

They’re really soft and comfortable and the upper material is really flexible.


Like I said earlier, the coolest part of these is the reflective material that lights up under bright light. I took these with the flash on my iPhone


  IMG_5164 IMG_5166

These normally retail for $120, but they’ve already been marked up quite a bit on eBay. These were re-released a about a week ago and I missed out on that batch too. So be prepared to pay around what I did in order to get your hands on them. OR stalk sites like, Footlocker, Champs, etc to see when or if they get brought back.

I have another pair coming in a different colorway that I’ll share soon. ;)