Vince Camuto – Envell Sandal

Here’s another Nordstrom Rack gem that I couldn’t be with out.


The Vince Camuto Envell Sandal

camuto envell



















Again, kinda tame, but kinda not. The straps are what sold me.

Picture 298 Picture 300


These are 11s and I’d say they fit a half size big. The insole almost measures 11″. I don’t think I’m hanging over the ends, or atleast it doesn’t look like it. Right?

Picture 299 Picture 297


Another great pair I can dress up or down.


Bad news is that I can’t find these anywhere else online. They’re sold out on the Rack’s website :(

HOWEVER! There is a look a like on Nordstrom’s main site, called the Effel. It looks a bit like a Huarache sandal. AND it’s available in 3 colors (black, tan, and red) in 11s and 12s.

camuto effel


More of my shoes on eBay

Keep a watch on my ebay seller profile for the next few days. I’ve decided it’s time to thin the heard once again.


I’ve just listed my JC Back Offs and Watchman boots.

I’ve priced the Back  Offs based on rarity of size even though they’ve been worn. And I’m kinda sad that I’m selling them. Like, if they don’t sell it’ll be ok. I’ll just keep wearing them. But I’m sure they’ll find a happy home for the right bidder.


While I love the Bowie-ness of the Watchman I just never wear them! darn it! They’re still so awesome.


Like I said, keep an eye on my ebay page. I’ll be listing more pairs as the days go by.

Steve Madden – Laserrr Sandal

I will always have a love for 90s fashion and lately I’ve been noticing how chunky the heels of shoes have been getting that remind me of that era so much.


I was cruising a Nordstrom Rack in my area and found that they still had these sandals available. I had tried them on a few months ago but couldn’t pull the trigger. Today was my day.


The Steve Madden Laserrr Sandal (totally spelled correctly, lol).
[the Nordstrom Rack website has it with 2 Rs in one listing and 3 in another, but the inside of my shoe specifically has 3]

laserr sandal














You’re probably thinking that these are pretty tame for my tastes. But there was something about them that wouldn’t let me put them back this time.

Picture 302 Picture 304Cute right?! They could totally be dressed up or down. These are 11s and they fit comfortably. The insole measures JUST at 11″. I can usually get away with open back & opened toed shoes when they’re a size smaller since there’s more room for me to move around.

Picture 303 Picture 305

The upper material is really soft. I don’t feel any direct pinching spots or any place that will scrape me when I wear them. I’ll try to give them a whirl in the real world in the next few weeks for a full report.

Picture 306


Nordstrom Rack online is about the only place I can find them right now, but it looks like both black and tan are available in 11s and 12s!
With Nordstrom Rack online you can still return them in store if they don’t work out. Super easy!



Enzo Angiolini – ‘Coadi’ Cross Strap Pointy Toe Pump

I’m alive!! Don’t worry! I haven’t disappeared for good. I was on break from school and have just started Summer quarter. It may kill me….  I’m going to be so busy, I don’t even want to think about it.

It’s been quiet in the world of shoes lately. Summer fashion isn’t my favorite time of year. And a bunch of grown up expenses came my way so that left no money for shoes :(


BUT this week has been a blessing. A few new pairs found their way to my house :)

Have you checked out the Nordstrom Anniversary sale yet? They bring in a bunch of new merchandise and put it on sale for a few weeks before selling that merch at it’s regular retail price. I wasn’t too impressed this year but managed to find one pair of shoes I liked.

enzo coadi


The Enzo Angiolini Coadi pump comes in 4 colors. Snake Skin, Hounds Tooth, Brown Suede and Tan/Red Suede.

I liked the Snake Skin the most (DUH).


I ordered a 12 and they fit perfect. Originally Nordstrom sent me the hounds tooth by mistake but I swapped them yesterday and I’m a happy camper.

Picture 307 Picture 310


They’re really comfortable. The snake skin even has a texture to it.  The heel is only 3″, so they’re not going to kill your feet. They didn’t feel particular narrow or wide in the toe box either. The straps across my feet feel a little loose but I’m not flopping around in the shoe.

Picture 308 Picture 309


Picture 312

Amazingly, the “cool colors” (my opinion) which are the snake skin and hounds tooth are available up to a size 13! And they are still available online. All styles are $79.90 but they jump back to $119 on August 4th.

The links above are to each color way. Nordstrom made separate shopping pages for each one (probably something to do with SKU numbers), so if you get frustrated just search for “coadi” in their search bar.


Go get them before that price jumps back up!


Starstyling Berlin – Camou Slip On

Atleast I’m 1 for 2 during the big Solestruck sale!
The Starstyling Berlin slip ons worked out well. They’re so cute.
Starstyling Berlin Camou Slip On Mens in Black Silver Reptile size 11.0
Ordering a men’s 11 was the way to go. They fit perfect.

Upon inspection, these have silver shapes painted on them with a holographic overlay, which makes them all shiny and magical.

Picture 260 Picture 263


These are shaped similar to Vans slip ons (if you happen to know that skate brand).

They also seem to be higher quality than those Bad Acid sneakers I got a few weeks ago.

Picture 261 Picture 262


I can’t wait to wear these. Yay for another great Spring / Summer shoe score :D