I bring you…. The Damned!

Back in Spring of 2011 Jeffrey Campbell started releasing short videos/clues as to the release of a new shoe. In May ’11 Solestruck announced that JC would be making Litas for “everyone”, meaning in extended sizes (so men could wear them).
While I was super excited that I would finally be able to have a glitter covered Lita in a size 12, I was enraged that they were just now doing this so that a MAN could have them. This makes me feel like less of a person. Women with big feet have been shouting for years that we would like awesome shoes but as soon as a man requests this the company jumps at the chance to make a few bucks! *rant over*  In the end, I’m just happy to have my glittery shoes (I’ll post about “man” Litas in few days).


I have to believe the end result in the sales of these larger Litas lead to the creation of a collaborative line by JC & The Damned.


Towards the end of October / Early Nov ’11, Solestruck’s Men’s blog announced that they would be carrying this collection. This means Tardys in big sizes! Pixies in big sizes! and so much more! Check out the Damned’s look book here.


Not all of the styles are of my taste, but I’ll post my reviews of what I currently own: The Tardy-Man & The Pixie-Man.

Jeffrey Campbell x The Damned – Tardy-Man

The Tardy-Man is edgy yet feminine. You can wear this with jeans, leggings, or a skirt. You could even change up the look by adding different colored laces. Though the base looks chunky, they’re really light. I’ve worn these to concerts and out dancing and have had no problems. I like to put a gel insert in my heel area and it takes some of the strain off my feet.
The sizing is tricky with these guys. I ordered a men’s 11 (remember, I’m a women’s 12) and they fit perfect. I can wear them with socks and have room to spare. When they arrived they read 44 on the inside (EU sizing).


Jeffrey Campbell x The Damned – Tardy-Man detailing

I feel the laces are too thick and waxy. But I just double tie them so they stay put.


I haven’t heard if these will be released in other colors.


_Jeffrey Campbell x The Damned – Pixie Man

The Pixie-Man is another classy, sleek, basic bootie to own. I had some sizing trouble with these. I ordered a men’s 11, like usual, but when they arrived they were HUGE. I was so confused. Rarely do I ever get a shoe that’s too big. After talking with Solestruck’s awesome CS dept., they said a 10 would be a better option. When the 10s arrived they read size 43, a MUCH better fit.
My beef with these is that the back zipper has no function, it’s only for show. But I wear these with jeans and my pant leg covers them well and quiets the jingle sounds they make. These have a side zip for easy entry.  The 2nd issue is that they’re a little snug on my ankles. The angle of the shoe pushes your foot forward and into the non-stretchy cuff and feels strange. I just try not to think about while I walk and know that I have on awesome shoes. I’ve worn these out on the town and have had no blisters or strange rub spots.
These come in leather and suede. Not sure if they’ll come in colors other than black though.


After cruisng the lookbook I’m interested in the Nomad-Man, the Motor-Man, the Brit-Man, and the Mars-Man. I believe Solestruck will be carrying all of these. For now, we must be patient.

4 Responses to 'I bring you…. The Damned!'

  1. mao says:

    Nice pics!
    I like both shoes but I think that I woul only go for the Pixie-Man as a man..enev if I think the Tardy-Man is really nice but I find it hard to cover…
    What do you think?


    • leahsfeet says:

      I have to agree. The pics from the Damned’s look book of the Tardy-Man look cool, but I just don’t see men wanting to wear this often. I know I’ve seen a few bloggers post pics of their outfits, but it’s a very select few.
      If you pair the Pixie-man with jeans, it can look sleek and still masculine.

      • mao says:

        Sorry for replying only today..
        As a matter of fact I am trying to find a good match for a pair of ankle wedge booties (pretty much similar to the pixie man) with some jeans (I guess something like boot cut or alike) and matching leather trench..
        I will have to figure it out with the heel…


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