Buffalo – 1310-2 Boot

Update 4/13/14 – Whoa guys… my review of the Buffalo 1310-2 boots has become one of my most popular posts of all time lately and I figured I should update it because it looks like Solestruck doesn’t sell this style anymore :( *sad trombone*.

However, if you’re looking for a similar style, there is this version:

Buffalo Platform Mens in Texas Oil Negro s…

Buffalo Platform Mens in Texas Oil Negro. A Buffalo original. Imported. Men’s shoes. [More]

Price: 224.95

Heck, I bet they’re the same shoe, they just gave it a different name.

AND I can also update my review of the shoe since I’ve worn them a handful of times since purchasing them. The changes will show below…


I think I was born in the wrong decade. I should have been born in 1975 (not 1985) so that I could be in my 20s during the 90s and I could have fully experienced the magic of the Club Kid and underground rave days. Regardless, I still have a great appreciation for the music and the fashion of that time and that’s why I had to buy the new Buffalo platform sneakers (or are they boots?) that just hit Solestruck’s site yesterday afternoon.

buffalo 1310-2

You know I had to get the all black version 😉


Solestruck is carrying 2 styles for men and 2 styles for women. AMAZINGLY the women’s sizes go all the way up to a 12!
BUT the all black version was only available for men so I bought the size 11s. These should arrive today and I’ll post my findings when I get them on my feet 😀


Styles available for Women (as of 4/13/14):

Buffalo Platform in Charol Blanco size 11.0

Buffalo Platform in Charol Blanco. A Buffalo original. Imported. Women’s shoes. [More]

Price: 219.95


Buffalo 1345-30 in Texas Oil Negro 01 size…

Buffalo 1345-30 in Texas Oil Negro 01. A Buffalo original. Imported. Women’s shoes. [More]

Price: 634.95


Buffalo 2208 in Serraje Marino 211 size 11.0

Buffalo 2208 in Serraje Marino 211. A Buffalo original. Imported. Women’s shoes. [More]

Price: 174.95


Buffalo 8040-10 in Texas Oil Negro size 11.0

Buffalo 8040-10 in Texas Oil Negro. A Buffalo original. Imported. Women’s shoes. [More]

Price: 244.95


Buffalo X Forfex Mutton in Off White size …

Buffalo X Forfex Mutton in Off White. A Buffalo X Forfex original. Imported. Women’s sh… [More]

Price: 379.95


I’m so glad that Buffalo stuck around all these years. Gone are the days of the crazy cyber SWEAR Alternative platforms and Transmuters. If you’re lucky to snatch a pair of those babies up, you hold on to them for dear life! I was lucky to find the pair of SWEARs from a store in LA , but I don’t wear them nearly as much as I should :(


So, for now, strap on your Buffalos and let’s all reenact Robyn’s video “Call Your Girlfriend”. (I just need to find a mohair sweater 😉 )


Update 6/5/12 4/13/14-

  • They’ve arrived and they fit! I ordered the Men’s all black style 1310-2 in a size 11. The tongue of the shoe reads 44. They’re not too big or too small.
  • They’re totally easy to walk in. Much easier than the MoonSpoonSaloon x Buffalo collabs.
  • They have crazy cushy ankle support.
  • I don’t like how they’re laced. I had to undo them and relace them so I could tighten them up properly.

I’ve worn these to a handful of concerts and there is one problem with them. They make my feet cramp up! I think it’s because they’re such a flat soled shoe and there is no way for my foot to flex while wearing them that it makes the muscles ache. I still like wearing them because they help me see over the crowd, lol.

My one dilemma? I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO WEAR THEM WITH!! Because of the size, they do look pretty BIG/BEEFY, I feel this makes them look a tad manley. I have a feeling my Vince skinny jeans will be just fine and my BlackMilk leggings will work too. I just want my look to appear effortless. Since I’ll most likely be 6’4″ with them on, I’ll stick out like a sore thumb and I atleast want to look like I know what I’m doing 😛
I’ve been cruising through pics on google images to see what other people wear these with and it’s given me some ideas.


4 Responses to 'Buffalo – 1310-2 Boot'

  1. mao says:

    well well…this is something I so know

  2. mao says:

    they were way popular with ravers in Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Holland from the mid 90s to 2002 – 2003…
    I remember we used to wear them with jeans but quite tight ones….
    girls were wearing them also with skirt and leg warmers (gabber and trance girls)
    have fun..

  3. Annbell says:

    hi i know its a long time since you posted this but i want to ask when you said” Much easier to walk in than the MoonSpoonSaloon x Buffalo collabs.” do you mean when you walk in the moonspoonsallon the back of the heel slips and go all lose?? cause i want to get the moonspoon but then you said the high top is so much better to walk in..


    • leahsfeet says:

      Hi Annbell,
      Sorry for the delay in reply! Yes, the moonspoon platforms are very stiff with little ankle support. I remember when I tried them on that my ankle was very loose in the shoe and would flop around.
      The buffalo platforms are more of a hightop and can lace more snug around your foot to keep you inside them.
      Hope that help!

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